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Making Pizzas!

February 19th, 2014

Today the children in Pre-school and Toddlers made their own pizzas. They told us what toppings they would like, made their own pizza dough bases and then ate them at tea time.
The babies have been very green fingered!

They have planted some seeds which they will watch grow inside and when the weather improves they can plant them in their garden outside.
We have lots of bookings for our ‘People who help us’ week. Thank you for your support during these events it is very much appreciated.

This Weeks Activities

February 18th, 2014

Activities in nursery this week are as follows:

In Babies they are very much into role play at the toy kitchen. The children have been using the pans and putting food into it, pretending to cook it and then feeding it to the staff. They have also begun to say some of the food names as they cook.

Outside the Babies are listening to music and making their own music with the instruments. They are particually enjoying action rhymes and songs.

In Toddlers this week inside the children are really into dressing up especially as princesses, fairies and firemen. Through the week they will also make masks and crowns for the children to wear. They will also draw pictures of themselves in their dressing up clothes.

Outside the children are climbing and riding bikes. They will be creating an obstacle course in the garden using the bikes, stepping stones, hula hoops and the slide. They will also use the balance beam and the bridge in the side garden.

In Pre-school their interest is their new train track. They will be making their own train pictures and making trains and tunnels out of boxes. They are also being very ambitious and attempting to make their own volcano, which they will do their experiment outside. Outside they are observing the weather and talking about how we get ice and how it melts. They are also collecting the rain and measuring it.