Fees & Terms

Our basic terms are detailed below. These should be read in conjunction with the notes which follow.
These fees include nappies and meals except for formula milk.


Full Week

Individual Day

Half Day






Over 3 and eligible for 15 hours FEEE* based on attendance of three full days a week all year would be £412.95 per month.

We have a limited amount of term time places, which are for attendance of 39 weeks of the year based on the Leeds City Council school term. These are charged for the equivalent of 45 weeks per year and are spread into 12 equal monthly payments.

When more than one child is registered, 25% discount will be applied to the child paying the lower fees.


Where a place is being reserved a deposit of £100 is required. This is then refunded when your child leaves the nursery.

Free Early Education Entitlement

The LEA Free Early Education Entitlement  can be claimed for all three and four year olds the term after their third birthday.
All three year olds are entitled to 15 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year the term after their third birthday. Therefore children may attend for just 15 hours a week term time or if you are a paying customer you will have the 15 hours deducted from your monthly bill. We do also offer Free Early Education Entitlement for two year olds 15 hours for 38 weeks the term after their second birthday. To see if you are eligible for a place please follow the link to see the criteria you must meet: Click here

Working Family Tax Credit

This credit is available through the Inland Revenue. Please click here for more information.

Workplace Vouchers

All types of childcare vouchers are accepted by the nursery.